Men’s Ponchos: Our TOP Picks For 2024

Let’s admit it – it’s not easy for men to rock a poncho – but having the right one can help a lot!

Below you’ll find our top picks for men’s ponchos, scroll on to see our chosen ones!

The Most Beautiful Ponchos For Men 2024

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Hooded Lambswool Poncho

Alwayslovelinen // Etsy

A classic poncho cape for a cold winter’s day. This cape-style poncho comes in a variety of colors and is made out of breathable lambswool. One size fits all, suitable for men or women.

Price: US$101

Argentine Handmade Poncho

ELBOYEROArgentina // Etsy

This gorgeous red poncho was woven on an old industrial loom and finished with handmade fringes. Made out of a cotton-sheep wool blend, in the Argentinian salteño poncho style. It is long and versatile, and fits both men and women.

Price: US$120

Review I enjoyed Reading:
Excellent quality and beautiful. Highly recommend, plus fast shipping

Kashmiri wool lined poncho

WobbleandSqueak // Etsy

An artistically made poncho that features a beautiful hand-dyed organic cotton lining with a mandala design. The cape has a cowl-style hood and comes in three colors.

Price: US$56

Review I enjoyed Reading:
I really love this Poncho, looks fab and strangers are complimenting it!!

Pure Sheep Wool Poncho

ELBOYEROArgentina // Etsy

This old-style poncho was woven with pure sheep wool on an old industrial loom in Argentina. If you want to feel like you are taking the wilderness with you wherever you go, this poncho is the perfect choice for you.

Price: US$205

Review I enjoyed Reading:
The poncho is gorgeous, even better than I thought! The customer service was wonderful! Hats off to El Boyero!!

Cashmere Yak wool Poncho

AJJAYA // Etsy

The perfect handmade poncho for a blissful forest walk. The Poncho Includes beautiful tribal embroidery, a large hood, and pockets. Made out of cashmere yak wool, warm yet light, one size fits all.

Price: US$89

Review I enjoyed Reading:
The quality and design is just as good as I imagined. Love it!

Clint Eastwood style


Clint Eastwood’s style is iconic, and this poncho from the Dollars Trilogy is one reason for that. You can enjoy this beauty too. Made with the same design by local artisans in Ecuador, this soft alpaca wool poncho is a truly exceptional piece.

Price: US$135

Review I enjoyed Reading:
Firstly the Poncho itself is amazing! Beautiful quality, warm, and looks incredible! The customer service was the best I’ve ever received, it was for my birthday, shipped straight away...Would highly recommend both. Amazing and much-loved product. 10/10

Hand Woven Ecuadorian Poncho

NickHooperDesign1 // Etsy

Fantastic for cold winter days or warm summer nights by the fire, these elegant indigenous-style ponchos are durable and long-lasting while soft to the touch. Made out of 100% soft sheep wool and sourced directly from a family business in a village in northern Ecuador. It comes in a range of colors, all featuring a joyful colorful design.

Price: US$86

Review I enjoyed Reading:
This was a birthday present for my son, who was thrilled with it. Extremely warm and thick. Prompt delivery. Helpful washing info included. Everything excellent, many thanks.

Men’s Hooded Poncho

JoozieCotton // Etsy

Unique stylish and versatile poncho jacket that offers a loose and clean design. It is made from a comfortable cotton jersey, with button-front hoodie and an oversized silhouette. Perfect for a fashion-forward men who value both style and functionality.

Price: US$60

100% wool poncho cape

IN2NORD // Etsy

If you’re looking for a poncho that is more fashionable and elegant than your regular trible-style cape, this is the one for you. Made out of 100% wool, available with a hood or without, It is warm and durable, made for the elegant soul.

Price: US$128

Review I enjoyed Reading:
This is well weaved and a high quality poncho with Hood. It is a tight weave and gives substantial heat and it very warm. Great for frost days out walking.

Handmade Hooded Wool Poncho

IndianCreationsCorp // Etsy

The South American charisma is sewn in every thread of this poncho. It is Warm, unique, and handmade from 100% wool. This poncho features a closed front design with a hood, perfect for winter and fall, and is machine washable for easy care.

Price: US$84

Fringed Poncho Cape

IN2NORD // Etsy

Perfect for walking around the city, or traveling in nature, this classic cape is both versatile and warm. Made out of 100% wool, and comes in a selection of colors to choose from. Available with a hood or without, one size fits all.

Price: US$128

Men’s Green Wool Cloak

CelestialRoots // Etsy

Woodland-style poncho that you can wear anywhere in so many ways. It transforms with elastic loops and coconut buttons, offering various styles from asymmetrical to belted. Its large, lined hood and internal pocket make it a warm super cozy versatile garment.

Price: US$183

Review I enjoyed Reading:
The Duellist- Origami Poncho is a wonderful item. The quality is unsurpassable. I can see it in the design, instructions, and detail of each stitch pattern. It is warm, authentic, and well-fitting like magic. There is even a nice pocket on the inside.

Tribal Mexican Poncho

OFBoutique // Etsy

A poncho that feels like wearing a blanket out and about, keeping you warm and safe from the cold. It has a striking black and red tribal-style design. A beautiful item made out of acrylic material.

Price: US$55

Review I enjoyed Reading:
It's very pretty and larger than expected which is perfect. The item arrive very fast. Great quality 👌🏾 love it

Unisex Alpaca Wool Poncho


You don’t have to go far to enjoy this charming travel style. This warm piece will add a dash of excitement to the most casual outfit with its authentic pattern. It’s Unisex, made of high-quality hypoallergenic, soft, warm, and lightweight alpaca wool. It is known for its durability which can make you enjoy longer from the sweet knowing of supporting local artisans in Ecuador.

Price: US$42

Review I enjoyed Reading:
The quality of the poncho exceeded expectations, it's very well made and looks great! Shipping was very fast, seller was great. I would definitely buy again.

Luxury Cashmere Poncho

suttonsknitwear // Etsy

A timeless and wonderfully soft poncho made with the highest quality UK spun 100% cashmere yarn. Handmade and luxurious, easy to wear and maintain, and will last a lifetime.

Price: US$178

Review I enjoyed Reading:
This is the third poncho I have bought from Suttons knitwear, this time as a present for my sister-in-law in Australia. They are totally gorgeous and I am wearing one of mine at this very moment as I type this! I totally love them and will probably have to get at least one more!

Woolen Cape W. Big Turtleneck

vincenteBERLIN // Etsy

A plain urban chic poncho that will make your style stand out with so little effort. It is made with 100% Merino wool and has a big turtleneck hood.
From casual outings to more formal events, you can wear this piece to elevate your uniqueness with modern elegance and enjoy a wonderful combination of warmth and comfort.

Price: US$396

Americana Pendleton Wool Poncho

JypsySoulDesigns // Etsy

A contemporary interpretation of the American flag, this poncho is meticulously and individually handcrafted, so each is a unique creation. Made out of authentic American Pendelton wool, hand-striped Bison leather, and natural horn toggles. They are completely reversible and will take your breath away.

Price: US$699

Gray Alpaca Poncho


This alpaca wool poncho blends traditional Peruvian craftsmanship with modern style. It’s natural hues and ethnic design offer a beautiful rustic look, ensuring a comfortable, versatile fit. Perfect for winter, it’s a great stylish choice.

Price: US$96

Block Printed Tribal Poncho

AJJAYA // Etsy

A fitting addition to any festival goer’s closet! This block-printed cotton poncho will serve you well as a fashion piece, and as a light layer to keep you covered while you dance yourself warm. It has 2 pockets and a large hood, one size fits all.

Price: US$89

Review I enjoyed Reading:
Perfect quality! Fits comfortable. No issues other than a different brown color than presented in the picture. A brighter brown with black patterns instead of white. I am still satisfied with this product. plan on ordering another one as a gift:)

Black Winter Cape

AtelierOdenoir // Etsy

Lightweight yet warm and soft, this unisex black soft poncho offers a snug fit and multiple styling options: secure it with a pin or brooch, cinch it with a belt, or drape it like an oversized scarf for a chic, elegant look. Ideal for layering over coats on chilly days or with a light sweater when it’s milder, it complements all body types and is a great versatile choice for any season.

Price: US$124

Pure Handwoven Wool Poncho

PrimitiveTribalCraft // Etsy

Ethically made with handwoven wool, This poncho is a wonderful versatile creation. Due to its Eco-conscious making process, each poncho is unique and slightly varies in color. It features a large hood, two pockets, and a deep V-shape fringed hem. Unisex, One size fits all.

Price: US$149

Review I enjoyed Reading:
This hooded poncho is warm and unique!

Bison Leather Riding Poncho

JypsySoulDesigns // Etsy

This poncho is so powerful! It features natural horn toggles and is made with Pendleton wool and bison leather. Perfect for striking the streets, enjoying stylish cuddles, riding, and festivals. A true piece of art.

Price: US$699

Ecuadorian Navajo poncho

Panamahatcollection // Etsy

Handmade in Ecuador by local artisans, this poncho features symbols of the culture of the Navajo Indians. Made out of 100% soft wool, and a Tagua nut button. Such a wonderful piece of art, crafted in keeping with the long-year textile traditions of the city of Otavalo, Ecuador.

Price: US$69

Hooded Vegan Poncho For Men

AJJAYA // Etsy

Light colors always make a stylish statement. This Poncho is a standout piece with its textured cotton and block-printed tribal pattern. It’s light yet comfortable, ideal for any weather. You can find this beautiful piece also in black and brown.

Price: US$80

Review I enjoyed Reading:
Beautiful I am blessed to wear this

Yak Wool Embroidered Poncho

AJJAYA // Etsy

A gorgeous lightweight poncho, perfect for traveling and cold summer mornings. Made of a blend of Yak wool and Acrylic hypoallergenic wool. It has a large hood, two pockets, and a colorful tribal embroidery. Unisex, one size fits all.

Price: US$89

Review I enjoyed Reading:
Absolutely Perfect! Comfortable stylish and high quality! Unique and fast shipping! Thanks!

Authentic Men’s Poncho

JypsySoulDesigns // Etsy

What a wonderful piece! A true up lifing garment that combines warmth, high quality, modern style and authentic chic. Comfortable and will be a great accompany for all your activities in and out.

Price: US$499

Edgy Designer Poncho

kaliroseclothing // Etsy

If you want to stay warm without compromising on your edgy alternative look, you should consider adding this poncho to your closet. Made out of cotton, it features faux leather square stripes along the shoulders and the arm and a thick and soft high-collar pullover. It comes in 5 sizes, Unisex.

Price: US$152

Long Hooded Men’s Poncho

manaKAmana // Etsy

Comfort meets boho style in this men’s poncho, crafted from woven cotton. Featuring a hood and a kangaroo pocket, it’s perfect for various activities, indoors or out. Wooden toggle buttons, hidden side ties, and tassel accents add unique details. The thick, woven cotton ensures warmth on chilly evenings, while its vibrant colors and quality craftsmanship make it a truly standout piece.

Price: US$52

Review I enjoyed Reading:
This shawl is beautiful. The first night I wore it I had so many people ask where I got it. It was a cold night as well but the shawl is thick and kept me warm from the chilling wind. I love it!

Merino wool poncho

TheWoolBarrow // Etsy

This hand-knit wool poncho is made out of 100% merino tweed wool, spun in the rugged and beautiful Donegal, Ireland. It comes in a selection of 20 different colors and can be custom-made to your liking. An incredible timeless piece, made with care and true craftsmanship.

Price: US$155

Review I enjoyed Reading:
I am beyond happy with this purchase. Colour was just as I envisioned and how it looked on my computer, and the wool softer than I could imagine. Even though soft, it still has texture enough so that it does not cling. Perfect added length customized for me ultralong arms.

Open Alpaca Wool Poncho

LatinAmericanBoutiq // Etsy

This piece offers a delicate, charming match of colors in warm alpaca blend wool. It ensures you’re both cozy and stylish at the same time. Its hoodie cape design and striking dark tan with teal colors add a vibrant touch to any outfit. Ideal for casual outings or simply relaxing with friends, it will ensure you stay warm while looking fantastic.

Price: US$79

Reversable Pendleton Wool Riding Poncho

JypsySoulDesigns // Etsy

Stand out wearing a vibrant individually handcrafted poncho, made out of authentic Pendleton Wool. This riding poncho includes full sheepskin trim and will keep you cozy and stylish, with its iconic native american tribal design.

Price: US$799

Handcrafted Artisan Wool Poncho

IndianCreationsCorp // Etsy

Beautifully handcrafted by Ecuadorian artisans in the Andes with unique techniques and designs, this poncho is made of 100% wool, and can be machine-washed! The poncho is closed in the front, it’s Unisex, One size fits all.

Price: US$79

Review I enjoyed Reading:
Just an awesome poncho, my 23-year-old son LOVES it! Great quality, authentic style, and not "girly looking" for a young man who's interested in native culture and southwest style. Top-notch seller with fast shipping, too. Thanks much!

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