White Shawl For Wedding: Our Top Picks For 2023

We searched and picked the most stunning white bridal shawls online. You can now enjoy your exploration and easily find the perfect shawl for your special day. 

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The Most Beautiful White Bridal Shawls 2023

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Ivory Faux Fur Bridal Wrap

Alexbridal // Etsy

Feel like a star on your special day with this ivory faux fur bridal wrap.

This stunning accessory garners endless compliments. Beyond complementing your wedding dress, it will add an irresistible princess touch, making everyone admire your elegant ensemble.
Delight in the luxurious feel of this bridal shrug, making your wedding attire just perfect and memorable.

Price: $44

Review I enjoyed Reading:
“I wore this shawl to my courthouse wedding. I can’t emphasize how many compliments I got. Made me feel like a movie star! Only weird side effect is everyone wanted to pet my shawl all night lol”

Floral Bridal Lace Shawl

Mimetik // Etsy

Nonchalant romantic bridal style.
Embrace effortless elegance with this versatile lace cover-up that is as comfortable as it is stylish!
With its delicate ivory lace, this bridal shrug will beautifully complement strapless, slip, or sleeveless wedding gowns, offering a variety of styles.
It adds soft detailing, providing a perfect romantic allure for your memorable day.

Price: $48

Review I enjoyed Reading:
“The shawl is very beautiful and of excellent quality. The customer service was absolutely the best! I needed priority shipping and it arrived super fast!”

Handmade Knit Bridal Shawl

MODAcrochet // Etsy

Autumn weddings have their unique charm and adorable cover-ups. This exquisitely knitted wedding wrap shawl is a perfect blend of elegance and warmth for those crisp days.
This bridal capelet is loved for its softness and flawless craftsmanship. It will add a noble touch to your ensemble, ensuring you look radiant in photos while keeping comfortable and warm.

Price: $89

Review I enjoyed Reading:
“This wedding shawl is beautiful! I was looking for something to keep me warm for my outdoor wedding in March and this was perfect! It’s very elegant and vintage looking. It paired really nicely with my wedding dress and I received many compliments. Definitely money well spent on this item.”

Champagne Velvet Bridal Shawl

ArrowThreadDesigns // Etsy

Adorn yourself with this exquisite velvet bridal shawl, a luxurious addition that will elevate your wedding attire with its boho chic beauty. Perfect for outdoor and indoor weddings, this romantic shrug adds a touch of enchanting allure and a ton of style to any bridal look. Available in a few shades of white.

Price: $119

Review I enjoyed Reading:
“The shawl was beautiful and kept me warm on our wedding day. It held up through photos in the rain and wind and was a lifesaver when we went to take photos at a nearby waterfall. On top of this, the seller was amazing and worked with my incredibly tight timeline and got it to me on time. Couldn’t have asked for a better addition to my wedding dress.

Alpaca Winter Wedding Shawl

CosyLlama // Etsy

This Alpaca wrap is a love story of warmth and style.

Make an unforgettable statement with this unique alpaca wedding shawl, the ideal accessory for your outdoor spring, fall, or winter wedding. 

This bridal stole is loved for its superior quality and softness. It will complement your wedding attire while ensuring comfort & warmth. As I read many reviews, I couldn’t ignore the repeating words about the countless compliments this item invites and, of course, the magnificent look it creates for unforgettable photos.

Price: $114

Review I enjoyed Reading:
“It’s soooo pretty. On my wedding day, it kept me warm but also beautiful. I got many compliments and great photos as a result.”

White Bridal Faux Fur Shawl

LTCoutureAtelier // Etsy

Experience elegance draped in luxury with this GORGEOUS white bridal faux fur shawl.
This wedding cover-up promises to add a dash of royal bridal charm with a fantastic, uplifting feeling for you. This faux fur stole, lined with non-slip material, seamlessly combines comfort and sophistication. It will elevate your bridal look into a timeless statement of style and grace.

Price: $157

Review I enjoyed Reading:
“This was absolutely perfect for brisk January wedding! Per Chicago weather, it was quite windy. I truthfully thought it was real fur when came, that’s how good the quality is. It kept me extremely warm and even though I was in a wedding dress, I wasn’t cold. Thank you so much for being a part of my special day!!”

Hand-Knitted Bridal Mohair & Silk Shawl

IvetaStasiulioniene // Etsy

Classic and very feminine, this hand-knitted wedding wrap brings together the softness of mohair and silk, promising a gentle touch and warmth, perfect for your fall/winter special day. Available in ivory and white (and more shades), it offers versatility to complement various bridal themes. With a beautifully detailed pattern on the back, this piece will go great with an open-back wedding gown. It has its unique elegance and romantic noble style that will add a stunning, graceful touch to your bridal attire.

Price: $115

Review I enjoyed Reading:
“I purchased this hand made gorgeous, feminine bridal wrap to wear with my wedding dress on my wedding day. It is the most beautiful and delicate piece of art I have ever owned. It is so soft, so beautifully done and all by hand. It is an amazing piece and I will cherish it forever !! You have a talent that is of angel level to be able to make such a lovely, soft and sentimental peice. I love it so much and I thank you for helping me to make my wedding day that much more special! Truley lovely… xoxoxo”

Wedding Organza Wrap Shrug Shawl

Bridalspain // Etsy

There are a few ways to add luxurious glam to your wedding attire, a certain and very trendy way is an organza shawl. Wrapping your shoulders with this majestic stiff fabric provides an aristocratic chic. Its satin-like sheer sheen makes it perfect for spring and summer weddings, ensuring you shine on your special day. In the picture of this item, you see it in a gray shade, but in the color options, you’ll find the white!

Price: $23

Review I enjoyed Reading:
The organza shawl was sheer and exactly the color I expected and wanted. Very elegant and it completed my outfit!

Ivory Wedding Fur Shawl

SissilyDesigns // Etsy

When warmth met chic.

Rock your winter wedding with this lovely faux fur shawl!
Available in three shades of white, this bridal fur wrap is the ultimate accessory for brides.
You can visit the link to see different styling options.

Price: $52

Review I enjoyed Reading:
So beautiful in person! Fits like a dream and so soft. Looks really luxurious.

White Bridal Linen Lace Shawl

BVLifeStyle // Etsy

Delicate & Majestic bridal cover.
Lace brings a dreamy aura to the bride with its classic elegant patterns and vibe. This delicate linen lace shawl complements bare-shoulders wedding dresses flawlessly. Available in different shades of white.

Price: $64

Review I enjoyed Reading:
“A beautiful, lightweight wrap. Well crafted and perfect to go with my wedding dress! When I showed it to a friend she said “That could be passed down to your daughter”! Very happy with my purchase.”

Light Bridal Champagne Shawl

Minnoshko // Etsy

If Boho chic is your dreamy bridal style, this shawl will be an outstanding choice.
Few white hues are available to make it match your dress perfectly. Made of pure cotton, a unique, delicate lacy crochet pattern, and fringes (of course!).
This shawl embodies elegant romantic chic, ideal for achieving your boho glamour.

Price: $110

Review I enjoyed Reading:
Gorgeous shawl. Ordered one, then a second. Fantastic quality and service all around.”

White Chiffon Wrap Shawl

Bridalspain // Etsy

Crafted with care and elegance, this white chiffon wrap shawl serves as a versatile addition to your special moments, from bridal showers to your majestic walk down the aisle.

Revered for its softness and stunning simplicity, this bridal shawl delivers beauty and quality at an affordable price. The beautiful drape of this chiffon shawl will enhance any ensemble, transforming your wedding dress into a vision of grace and style, just as any bride could wish.

Price: $23

Review I enjoyed Reading:
It is absolutely beautiful! So soft and elegant! I am so glad that I purchased it!

Wedding Fur Shrug Shawl

SissilyDesigns // Etsy

Transform your wedding day into an enchanting winter wonderland with this stunning faux fur bridal wrap. Perfectly crafted to accentuate your dress! This shawl not only provides warmth on those chilly outdoor photo sessions but also adds an irresistible, elegant touch to your bridal ensemble. Easy to adjust for sizing and available in four stunning shades of white, this wrap is a beloved choice for brides!

Price: $75

Review I enjoyed Reading:
I got so many compliments!! The shawl looked beautiful in pictures and it actually kept me warm during outside photos. I wore a size 16 wedding gown and bought an XL shawl. It fit perfectly and had 3 different hooks and eyes to adjust for sizing.”

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