Hi, I’m Pazit, a fashion designer with a deep appreciation for shawls. My love for fashion led me to a sharp transition from a long, exhausting career in the television industry to pursuing what I truly wanted to do. I took a fashion design and seamstress course and started my own Etsy shop, where I sold hundreds of made-to-order garments over the years (including shawls of course 😊) to customers worldwide. I even sewed many of these garments myself at home! After running my Etsy shop for nearly a decade, I decided to embark on a new adventure, traveling through Asia with my partner, Teva. Our journey allowed us to experience the beauty of traditional shawl weaving and knitting craftsmanship in rural Thailand and India. I’m excited to share my knowledge and love for shawls of all kinds and explain why I believe they are soooo special!

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women wearing shawl with outfit

We searched the web for hours to find the most unique and stunning shawls for women!