Can Bridesmaids Wear Shawls? 

Can Bridesmaids Wear Shawls

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The answer is an absolute Yes!
Actually, shawls are one of the most popular cover-ups for bridesmaids. When all the bridesmaids wear shawls, they add a touch of elegant, harmonious style to the bridal party’s appearance. With the right choice, they visually express the unity between the bride and her bridesmaids. 

This article will answer some popular questions that can come to mind before the wedding. 

We’ll explore why bridesmaids might need a shawl, the various types of shawls available & appropriate, and share some helpful tips for managing the bridesmaid’s outfit with joy for you all!

Why Do Bridesmaids Need a Shawl?

Bridesmaids often need a shawl for several reasons. The main one is the need to comply with a more modest dress code during the wedding ceremony in the church. Many bridesmaids’ dresses feature bare shoulders or strapless designs, which are inappropriate in the sacred space, and shawls provide a stylish modest solution.

Moreover, shawls offer added warmth and comfort during outdoor events or chilly evenings.

Aside from practical reasons, shawls also contribute an extra layer of elegance and style to the bridesmaids’ ensemble. And, when all the bridesmaids wear their shawls, it creates an image of a cohesive and visually appealing united feminine group supporting the bride at the bridal party.


Is shawl a good cover-up for bridesmaids?

The Appeal and Functionality of Shawls for Bridesmaids 

Shawls are the ideal cover-ups for bridesmaids due to their versatility, numerous variations , and flattering effect for all body types ensuring that every bridesmaid looks and feels her best. 

Shawls can be draped, wrapped, or tied in various ways, allowing each bridesmaid to express her unique style while maintaining a unified appearance. Available in many colors and shades, it’s easy to find the perfect shawl to match the bridesmaids’ dresses and the wedding’s color scheme.

Furthermore, shawls can be easily removed or adjusted throughout the event, offering both convenience and adaptability.

Types of Shawls for Bridesmaids

Selecting the right shawl for bridesmaids involves considering factors such as fabric, color, and style. Sheer, crochet, lace, and pashmina shawls offer lightweight and delicate options, while faux fur shawls provide warmth and luxurious chic. 

Here are some of the most popular shawl types for bridesmaids:

Sheer Shawls

Sheer shawls are lightweight and provide a delicate look. They are ideal for warm-weather weddings or when a subtle cover-up is desired. Sheer shawls can flatter a formal dress in multiple ways, using the fantastic versatile manner of the shawls.

Crochet Shawls

Crochet shawls offer a handmade touch and a vintage-inspired look. They can be crafted in various patterns, making them a unique choice for bridesmaids. You can choose all shawls alike or each shawl in a different design, creating a magnificent enchanting look for the bridesmaid’s outfits.

Lace Shawls

Lace shawls have a romantic, elegant nature. Their intricate patterns add visual interest and sophistication to any bridesmaid’s ensemble.

Faux Fur Shawls

Faux fur shawls provide a wintery, cozy, and super elegant silhouette. Usually, they are small sizes and lay around the bridesmaids’ bare shoulders. 

Fur shawls can create the most classic luxurious look for the bridesmaid’s outfit and can also create a wilder rustic chic when each is chosen in a different size, color, and texture. Brides captured together with their bridesmaids who wear various fur shawls make a unique and inspiring image. 

Pashmina Shawls

Pashmina is a beautiful remembrance that all the bridesmaids will appreciate long after the wedding, as they are lightweight shawls with unique warmth and quality. Pashmina shawls are soft and versatile, offering comfort and style. They can be found in endless shades of colors and worn in multiple ways, making them a practical and fashionable choice.

Colorful Shawls

Colorful shawls are an easy way to add a vibrant touch and can help to create a dynamic and visually captivating bridal party. 

Shawls can be found in endless variations and colors. They can be in the same color as the bridesmaid’s outfit or in a different shade of the same color, providing a monochromatic elegance, they can also be in a contrasting color to create a striking visual effect.


How to wear a shawl as a bridesmaid?

Well, how to wear a shawl as a bridesmaid is something to show and not to write or talk about, so I chose two videos that bring beautiful easy elegant ways to wear a shawl with a bridesmaid’s dress:

And, in a few words, wearing a shawl as a bridesmaid can be as simple or as intricate as desired. Some popular methods include draping the shawl over the shoulders, wrapping it around the neck, or tying it in a creative knot.

The key is to find a style that complements the bridesmaid’s dress and feels comfortable throughout the event. 

Shawls Alternatives for Bridesmaids

What can you use instead of shawls for bridesmaids?

While shawls are a popular choice, there are other cover-up options for bridesmaids. These alternatives include: 

  • Scarves
  • Boleros
  • Sequin shrugs
  • Denim jackets
  • Petite cardigans
  • And more!

These cover-ups can be chosen to match the bridesmaids’ dresses in color, texture, design, and pattern and be the same for all the bridesmaids, or they can vary to create more distinctive outfits. Each alternative offers unique style and functionality, providing bridesmaids with various options to complement their attire.

Bridesmaid Fashion Etiquette: What Not to Wear

What should bridesmaids avoid?

Bridesmaids have an essential role in the wedding, they are the supporting group to the bride, and of course, they should respect the bride’s wishes and follow the planned style. As a bridesmaid, you should avoid making design changes to your dress to adjust it to your style or choose an outfit that competes with the bride’s gown. 

If you have concerns about the planned style or wish to suggest changes, communicate openly with the bride to make decisions together. In essence, the bridesmaids’ attire should complement the overall theme and aesthetic of the wedding while remaining true to the bride’s vision.

Can bridesmaids wear a white shawl?

Actually, white shawls are most commonly chosen by brides for their bridesmaid’s cover. I think the main benefit is that when the bridesmaids who wear the same outfit wear white shawls, it emphasizes the bride’s outfit and creates a beautiful image when they are all together.

Furthermore, the sense of the bond between the bride and her bridesmaids is gracefully visualized.

However! Unless specifically requested by the bride, bridesmaids should avoid wearing white shawls. White is reserved for the bride to distinguish her and put her in the spotlight on her special day. Even if the bride opts for a different color, wearing white for a wedding is problematic since the color is automatically associated with the bride and might create a confusing and unpleasant situation. 

So, If it is not the bride’s decision or a choice that she accepts, it is highly not recommended to wear white shawls or any other white garment for weddings, neither by the bridesmaids nor by any other guests.


Shawls are the perfect cover-ups for bridesmaids, providing modesty, style, and unity to the bridal party. By considering factors such as fabric, color, and style, you can select the perfect shawl to complement the bridesmaids’ dresses and enhance the overall aesthetic of the wedding. Enjoy!!!

Can Bridesmaids Wear Shawls

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