Summer Women's Shawls: Our Top Picks For 2023

When summer scents begin tickling, we feel the urge to peel all layers and be lighter. 

The easiest way to embrace summer chic into our wardrobe is… a shawl, of course! 

Scroll on to see our chosen ones for this summer!

The Most Beautiful Women's Shawls For Summer 2023

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Soft Yellow Hand Knitted Linen Shawl

KnittedLines // Etsy

Summer colors give a fresh touch to our hearts. This gorgeous piece will wrap you in romantic stories as each shawl is made with the artist’s inspiration from beloved books.
Made from knitted, natural, healthy, organic fiber, which allows the skin to breathe, does not cause allergies, absorbs sweat, distributes moisture evenly, maintains a uniform body temperature, does not electrify, and acts as a natural antiseptic.
It cools on hot days and warms up on cold days.
Available in large or medium sizes.

Material: Linen
Price: 64$

Review I enjoyed Reading:
“Beautiful Beautiful scarf! Thank you very much!”.

Multicolor Crochet Boho Shawl

BastKnitwear // Etsy

This hand-knit oversized shawl is the perfect accessory for all seasons. Wrap it around your shoulders or tuck it around your neck for trendy styling.
It comes in one size, and colors can be customized!

Material: Pure cotton that feels super soft and cozy on the skin.
Price: 88$

Review I enjoyed Reading:
This business is amazing! Shipping was fast, and the seller was so patient and kind. My top fit perfect & was made beautifully. Will purchase from again!! Thank you

Soft Silky Bamboo Knit Shawl


Modern romantic sheer and elegant shawl. Light and airy with adorable shades. Perfect for all-weather and versatile in so many ways, this piece can be worn as a shawl, scarf, or wrap and as a head wrap.
Eco-friendly, composed of all-natural materials, all made by hand.
Breathable, Biodegradable, Anti-Bacterial & Thermo-control. A must-have in your wardrobe.

Material: Bamboo – The designer call it ‘Vegan Silk’ since it has a soft and silky touch and it’s sustainable.
Price: $135

Review I enjoyed Reading:
It’s glorious!!! perfect for chilly spring evenings.”.

Elegant Linen Square Shawl

SondeflorShop // Etsy

This staple piece has all the elements of timeless beauty. It comes in basic charming shades and is made of soft high-quality linen. The cut is a square of 145 cm / 57”. And the shop has many excited thankful reviews.

Material: Linen
Price: 90$

Natural Indigo Organic Cotton Shawl

Hettle // Etsy

You always need one like this around. A lovely soft organic cotton shawl, hand-dyed with Indigo in a Honeycomb Pattern, just beautiful. Perfect as a wrap, scarf, shawl, or sarong!
Generously sized 44” x 90” with a clean rolled hem.

Material: Organic Cotton, Plant dyed
Price: 60$

Review I enjoyed Reading:
“The wrap is beautiful! The organic cotton is soft, and the design is great. The packaging was beautiful also (if you’re considering this as a gift)”.

Off-White Raw Organic Cotton Shawl

AYAsacredwear // Etsy

Unique boho-romance beauty with great quality of a soft, airy material that feels like magic against your skin. Perfect for styling up any outfit with an earthy touch. The shawl is hand-made in Java, Indonesia, by local women.

Material: Handwoven Organic Cotton
Price: 118$ 

Review I enjoyed Reading:
“The most beautiful fabric. Quality like you’ve never known. Every piece. Every time. Friendly and helpful. I can’t say enough. Thank You! <3”.

Sheer Convertible Summer Poncho Shawl

MalainaShop // Etsy

Light and stylish cool & romantic garment, versatile and easy to wear for any occasion. This summer poncho shawl has a simple chic of natural beauty, great for casual uplift or for adding a boho touch to your summer look, adding a pop of color to a simple tank top and jeans outfit, or even a wedding dress. The poncho is made of soft, light, and breathable rayon, and it’s available in over 50 colors!

Material: Rayon
Price: 30$

Review I enjoyed Reading:
“Loved it. Bought it in seafoam,moka, and now bought denim blue. Love it. Goes with everything”.

Organic Boho Triangle Fringe Shawl

ChintamaniAlchemi // Etsy

Superb boho style in a sec! This garment has earthy chic with a city vibe. A beautiful accessory for chilly evenings. Made of soft raw cotton with raw linen fringe, this piece is pleasant to wear even in hot weather. You can find it in beautiful earthy shades and in a unisex version. Size: 2.4m / 95 inch.

Material: Soft Raw Cotton, Raw Linen Fringe
Price: $110

Review I enjoyed Reading:
“I think this is my favorite thing I’ve ever bought! It’s huge on me and I literally wear it everywhere. My favorite shawl!”

Super Soft Wrap Shawl with Tassels

AYStudioUK // Etsy

A lovely medium-weight synthetic pashmina for every time you want a clean, elegant touch with extra warmth around your shoulders. Comes in beautiful romantic shades.

Material: 80% viscose 20% synthetic cashmere
Price: 26$

Review I enjoyed Reading:
“Beautiful pashmina. Lovely and soft and good quality. Used for wedding outfit and have since with denim jacket so great for dressing up and down. Thank you”.

Large Fringe Crochet Boho Shawl

ThreeBirdsSitting // Etsy

When you feel you need an enchanting, fresh touch to style up your outfit and lift your feeling, this is the perfect piece. It’s airy and full of romantic chic that will complement elegant, boho, and festival styles, especially with summer dresses. Comes in magical shades.

Material: A blend of cotton-viscose yarn with gold string woven in for shine and glamour!
Price: 156$

Review I enjoyed Reading:
“Absolutely stunning! So many compliments and very versatile ⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️”

Pure Lotus Silk Naturally Tie-Dyed Shawl

TheZanHouse // Etsy

A wrap of purity. Rare and special vegan silk light summer wrap.
Size: Width: 28 “ x 98” / 71 c”m x 2.5 m.
Material: Lotus stem fabric
Price: 200$

Review I enjoyed Reading:
“Simply stunning scarf. So soft it seems lighter than air. Came beautifully packaged”.

Classic Oversized Linen Shawl

LINENIDstudio // Etsy

When customers are so in love, there is nothing else to say. This beauty comes in bold shades of medium or heavy weight high-quality linen.

Size: width: 27” Length: 75.5”
Material: Linen
Price: 51$

Review I enjoyed Reading:
“In love with this cozy fringe scarf. Great for traveling and everyday life …❤️ All your garments full of love ❤️”

Off-White Oversized Organic Cotton Shawl

AYAsacredwear // Etsy

When simplicity comes with great quality, the outcome is stunning. This shawl is a staple versatile piece that goes with everything.

Material: Soft handwoven Khadi cotton
Price: 81$

Review I enjoyed Reading:
“In love with this cozy fringe scarf. Great for traveling and everyday life …❤️ All your garments full of love ❤️”

Unique Hand-Painted Floral Linen Shawl

BLUBERYshop // Etsy

Soft linen shawl with delicate, luxurious, unique hand-prints of captivating flower patterns. This gorgeous accessory is created especially for its wearer. And.. you can ask for personalization!

Size: 29.5”x79” / 75 cm x 2 meters.
Material: Hand-Painted Linen
Price: 210$

Bohemian Poncho Wrap

ChintamaniAlchemi // Etsy

Poncho summer coat with tribal motives, made of very raw, heavy feel, natural 100% cotton fabric, with geometrical tribal symbols on the decorative webbing. It was inspired by Berber tattoos and the earthly colors of the desert. This exclusive piece comes just in time for summer beach beautiful moments & festival season!

Material: Raw Cotton
Price: 190$

Review I enjoyed Reading:
“Beautiful poncho, attention to every detail, beautiful workmanship. 100 percent satisfaction! Thank you ❤”…” I’m in LOVE ❤️”.

Lightweight Handmade Linen Wrap

LinenMeStore // Etsy

The relaxed drape of pure linen gives the most casual outfit a classic touch. It’s airy, it’s breathing, and it has a timeless style. Perfect for summer!
This hand-made washed linen shawl offers a beautiful, comfortable flatter. It comes from a long heritage of flax growing and linen producing in Lithuania.
The size is 100 x 200 cm, and the color is a fine shade of steel grey and other attractive shades are available.

Material: Linen
Price: $53

Review I enjoyed Reading:
“Beautiful shawl! Very nice linen and gorgeous colour!”

Ahimsa Vegetable-Dyed Silk Scarf Shawl

AmayDesignBerlin // Etsy

Woven Ahimsa silk hand-dyed shawl inspired by cherry blossom. Made with 100% Peace Silk, which stands for the production of silk in awareness of the intact cycle of nature. Every butterfly stays alive!

Size: 71” x 22” / 180 cm x 55 cm.
Material: Ahimsa Silk
Price: 90$

Our Top Picks for Fall-Winter 23 Are Coming Soon!

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