Women's Shawls: Our Top Picks For 2024

The right shawl can make you feel at your best and look gorgeous in a sec. With their versatility, warmth, and amazing chic, shawls are the new women’s best friends. 

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The Most Beautiful Women's Shawls For 2024

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Chunky Merino Wool Fringed Shawl

loopymango // Etsy

When charisma & style go hand in hand, the outcome is irresistible.
Can you feel the amazing coziness and chic of this wrap? To me, it seems the perfect snuggle hug for every outfit, every day!

Price: US$363

Outlined Merino Wool Ruana Shawl

Feebra // Etsy

Desert Breeze.
A fabulous ruana shawl that adds elegance and style to every outfit. This outstanding cover-up is 100% Merino wool and has the most soothing shades.

Price: US$115

Review I enjoyed Reading:
This ruana is absolutely lovely! As I’m pretty short (5’2″), this is lengthy but not too long where it’s past my ankles. The merino wool is soft as expected and has some weight to it, though it isn’t ideal for extremely cold weather unless you layer. The finished edges are awesome to look at and I love how the pattern isn’t too overwhelming on the base cream color. This was shipped nicely (folded well) with a care card! For a mid-lightweight cape, this is perfect!

Natural Knitted Shawl


The striking beauty of quality stands in every detail of this shawl. Uniquely made with ultra-thin fine organic natural Bamboo threads that the designer dyes by hand. This bamboo shawl has magnificent characteristics, it is super soft, has a luxurious comfort, absorbs and evaporates sweat, it is highly breathable, and will keep you at an optimal temperature. It is likely to become your favorite garment ever.

Price: US$135

Australian Merino Lambswool Shawl

alsAustralia // Etsy

Looks so fine.
Beyond the beauty of this piece (which really speaks for itself), the shop will donate 10% of every purchase to support the construction of Koala bridges in South Australia to protect those dear creatures.

Price: US$86

Review I enjoyed Reading:
The stole perfectly conforms to the description is really very pretty. The orange color is very successful. Large and warm, perfect for a harsh winter. Thank you for this good sale.


Soft Merino Wool Shawl

Feebra // Etsy

Classy women’s shawl, made from very soft merino wool in black or white. A versatile, staple addition to your closet that will never go out of style.

Price: US$52

Review I enjoyed Reading:
Great quality pashmina at a great price! Looks exactly as pictured. Fabric is very soft and not at all scratchy when worn on bare shoulders/arms (and I have sensitive skin, so I often find things scratchy that other people say are soft). It’s thin and lightweight but not see-through (at least the black isn’t), and warmer than you would expect from its weight. Washes well with no shrinkage or fraying. I bought it for a cruise but looking for excuses to wear it all fall/winter. Shipping was very fast and seller is responsive and helpful.

Handwoven Celtic Fringe Shawl


With this shawl, addiction should be expected. This beauty brings the fine Scottish aroma with a large, soft, warm HUG.
The fabric is tweed made from a mixture of wool and poly, available in a variety of colors. This warm wrap will add magical style to every moment of your day, from cocktail parties to your comfy cuddle on your sofa, Enjoy!

Price: US$50

Review I enjoyed Reading:

“Neat 😍 packaging super fast shipping. The shawl is beautiful. I already want to order another one. Everything is so beautiful in this shop. ❤️”

Triangle Wool Shawl

LinenSea // Etsy

Solid Pure Love.
Triangle shawl for women, made of 100% natural eco wool with a simple finish. It provides perfect coziness for casuals, and it’s available in 6 colors!

Price: US$68

Review I enjoyed Reading:
“Superb! Light and warm. The dimension is just perfect!!!!”

Pure Lotus Silk Naturally Tie-Dyed Shawl

TheZanHouse // Etsy

A wrap of purity. Rare and special vegan silk light summer wrap. Made of Lotus stem fabric!

Price: US$200

Review I enjoyed Reading:
“Simply stunning scarf. So soft it seems lighter than air. Came beautifully packaged”.

Pastel Green Alpaca Shawl

CosyLlama // Etsy

LOVE the color!
…And when I looked closer to see it was an Alpaca wool blend, I knew it deserved a spot on the list!
They’re branding it as a bridal shawl, but this wrap will look gorgeous with any formal dress.

Price: US$113

Knitted Summer Linen Scarf

KnittedLines // Etsy

Some shawls can change everything about your look, this piece is one of them. The vivid color, the knitted softness, and the quality of the linen. The inspiration for creating this shawl was driven from F.Scott Fitzgerald’s “The Great Gatsby”: “The lights grow brighter as the earth lurches away from the sun, and now the orchestra is playing yellow cocktail music, and the opera of voices pitches a key higher.” Say no more.

Price: US$67

Unique Hand-Painted Floral Linen Shawl

BLUBERYshop // Etsy

Soft linen shawl with delicate, luxurious, unique hand-prints of captivating flower patterns. This gorgeous accessory is created especially for its wearer. And.. you can ask for personalization!

Material: Hand-Painted Linen
Price: US$210

Wild Heather Scottish Tartan Shawl

AtelierEscapadesUK // Etsy

A classic staple with aristocratic touch. Scottish tartan shawl, handmade in Edinburgh with 100% wool. For stylish simplicity.

Price: US$186

Ahimsa Vegetable-Dyed Silk Scarf Shawl

AmayDesignBerlin // Etsy

Woven Ahimsa silk hand-dyed shawl inspired by cherry blossom. Made with 100% Peace Silk, which stands for the production of silk in awareness of the intact cycle of nature. Every butterfly stays alive!

Price: US$90

Bohemian Cow Skull Ruana Shawl

newventurestore // Etsy

What a piece!
A garment with attitude. Bohemian cow skull ruana in four beautiful color options. Made of 100% acrylic.
Note – there’s a big cow skull on the back! (go to Etsy to see all the photos)

Price: US$66

Review I enjoyed Reading:
“Just like the picture. Perfect.”

Breathable Natural Knit Shawl


Well, this one is a special piece. It’s modern and classic, incredibly soft, and super sustainable. Made from a blend of soft soy, cotton, and bamboo, this shawl creates the perfect wrap for fall and winter. It’s especially well-suited for those with sensitive skin or for vegans. With a sort of metallic look, it offers the soft touch you’ve always wished to have around your neck.

Price: US$155

Classic Oversized Linen Shawl

LINENIDstudio // Etsy

When customers are so in love, there is nothing else to say. This beauty comes in bold shades of medium or heavy-weight high-quality linen.

Price: US$51

Review I enjoyed Reading:
“In love with this cozy fringe scarf. Great for traveling and everyday life …❤️ All your garments full of love ❤️”

Handmade Ahimsa Silk Wool Shawl

VastraIndia // Etsy

Love at first sight.

Made with 100% Peace Silk, which stands for the production of silk in awareness of the intact cycle of nature. Every butterfly stays alive!

This shawl offers gorgeous summer shades that will stand out.

Price: US$110

Review I Enjoyed Reading:
Beautiful fabric and color. Very nice seller, and arrival was fast. thank you.

Linen Shawl with Handmade Fringes

LinenMeStore // Etsy

Delicate, Feminine, Fabolus.
Linen shawls are a unique addition to any summer wardrobe. I love the soft shades of this gorgeous shawl (there are about 20 to choose from!).
Its rustic linen pattern stands out and emphasizes its natural vibe.


Review I Enjoyed Reading:
“The scarf is beautiful and very soft. I saw several reasonable linen scarves at some popular shops in town but i did not like the touch and feel. I was not sure if this scarf could meet up to my expectation but tried to get one. It is beyond my expectation and worth purchasing. It is warm enough in air-con rooms and not too hot in the hot weather. Thanks, i highly recommend.”

Faux Fur Women's Shawl

ToTaDressUSA // Etsy

If Western chic is what your wardrobe is lacking, this shawl is the ultimate choice. The enchanting pattern comes in two shades: rusty or blue. This warm and soft shawl will complement dresses as well as denim, making you chic and unique.

Price: US$39

Review I enjoyed Reading:
Ten stars! This wrap is amazing. The colors, the soft and cozy texture, it’s the perfect size. I absolutely love it.

Baby Alpaca Peruvian Ruana Shawl

ChakuAlpaca // Etsy

Unique reversible lightweight ruana, handmade in Peru from 100% Baby Alpaca. Cozy, warm, and soft embrace to protect you from the cold with grace. The geometric patterns in the jacquard retain the original colors of alpaca fiber, merging traditional craftsmanship & modern chic.

Price: US$269

Handmade Fringed Crochet Shawl

ThreeBirdsSitting // Etsy

Glamorous boho chic crochet shawl.
Feminine delicacy and shine are interwoven together in this large fringed shawl that will be a stunning addition to your summer outfits. Wear it for formal evenings, summer weekends, or with your denim. This babe will rock your style.

Price: US$157

Review I Enjoyed Reading:
Just the most beautiful delicate shawl imaginable… perfect for my daughter’s wedding .. thank you so much xx

Indian Embroidery Kullu Shawl

Ravaiyaa // Etsy

This elegant Kullu shawl is widely used by the locals of Kullu Valley in Himachal Pradesh, where I spent over a year.
The traditional tribal vibe and the cozy size of the shawl make it a wrap to fall in love with.

Price: US$49

Review I Enjoyed Reading:

I have bought from this seller before and they ALWAYS EXCEED EXPECTATIONS!!! I am over the moon with these recent purchases also. The fabric is lovely and thick, it’s super cosy!!! I actually couldn’t be happier with these shawls.


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