How To Wear A Shawl With A Dress

How To Wear A Shawl With A Dress

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Shawls are easy to pair with any dress and make your style stand out.
They can take your outfit to the most elegant chic or make a turn to boho chic. They are great for these special moments when you need to dress modestly or just refresh your beloved dress.
There are so many ways you can style up your overall look if you wear your shawl right.

In this guide, we’ll show you easy styling tips for how to wear a shawl with a dress. It aims to inspire you in how to achieve the precise look you desire. Enjoy!

27+ Shawl & Dress Outfit Ideas

Shawl with dress outfit
Source: alsAustralia (Etsy)

A stiff shawl over your bare-shoulder dress will bring your outfit an aristocratic touch.

Elegant Indian Shawl outfit
Source: OnPointJSCollection (Etsy)

A halter-neck dress complements beautifully with a shawl, as it offers a classic and flattering cover for bare shoulders. This half-covered shoulder look strikes a charming balance between feminine style and elegance. Perfect for cocktail parties and formal events.

Pink Shawl and dress outfit
Source: PolliAmore (Etsy)

Add a unique touch to your dress by tying your shawl at the back. This is also an excellent way to keep yourself modest at the formal ceremony and to highlight the details of the back design of the dress.

Celtic Shawl and dress outfit

The cozy chic look. Wrapping your shoulders with a warm shawl with a charming brooch is super comfortable and upstyle your dress immediately. This style is great instead of wearing a sweater or cardigan over your dress to keep your look feminine. It goes with short and long dresses.

Shawl, dress and boots outfit
Source: ChintamaniAlchemi (Etsy)

The generous size makes a wonderful feeling wrap and brings a charismatic style. It somehow gets the majestic touch of an ancient traditional look, but of course, that also depends on the shawl design and texture.

casual Shawl and dress outfit
Source: TOOSHAAYA (Etsy)

For casual modern clean elegance, wrap yourself with a soft airy shawl around your neck in a loose bunched drape, and arrange it nicely over the top of your dress.

formal Shawl and dress outfit
Source: bridalspain (Etsy)

Strapless dresses get an amazing chic when paired with organza shawls. The stiffy sheer shiny luxurious feel of this fabric always brings your majestic side out.

boho outfit with shawl
Source: ChintamaniAlchemi (Etsy)

Natural fabric dress like linen and cotton pairs beautifully with a rustic raw cotton bohemian shawl. It creates a super stylish earthy look and is great for beach or nature hangouts, festivals, and parties.

Red Shawl and dress outfit
Source: alsAustralia (Etsy)

Wear your shawl as a one-side wrap for a classic stylish warmth.

easy Shawl and dress look
Source: TOOSHAAYA (Etsy)

Adding a sophisticated mode to your outfit is easy with a knitted plain airy shawl. Open the shawl, wrap it around loosely and arrange a loose cowl around your neck.

classic Shawl and dress outfit
Source: bridalspain (Etsy)

A Chiffon poncho shawl is a great way to make your strapless dress more modest and create a loose charm. It is also great for hiding some imperfections in a beautiful, graceful way.

light Shawl and dress
Source: TOOSHAAYA (Etsy)

Sheer soft pastel shade shawl over your summer dress brings your style eternal elegance.

Indian Shawl and dress outfit
Source: OnPointJSCollection (Etsy)

Some shawls deserve to be on the front. For a formal event or dinner, wearing a shawl on top of your classy dress, over one shoulder draped to be seen, will make a stunning performance.

Crochet shawl styling
Source: ThreeBirdsSitting (Etsy)

Light crochet shawl, knitted with large holes and glitter will add to the free spirit boho chic to your summer dress in a breeze.

tribal Shawl style
Source: AYAsacredwear (Etsy)

Let the shawl fall loosely to your elbows. The perfect nonchalant style that makes you feel like a princess. Check it out!

poncho Shawl and dress outfit
Source: MalainaShop (Etsy)

A sheer light poncho knit shawl is a perfect match to any color dress and can easily bring the right fresh shades to make your outfit summerish.

Crochet Shawl outfit
Source: MaggiesVintageHome (Etsy)

Use the charm of crochet to bring out the romantic boho chic for every dress. Tie it up at the front or simply lay it over your shoulders, and your styling is done.

wearing shawl as head scarf
Source: TOOSHAAYA (Etsy)

Wear your shawl as a head scarf for protection instead of wearing a hat, and show off your unique style.

outlander shawl outfit
Source: KnitPlayLove (Etsy)

Hug yourself with a triangle-knitted wool shawl crossed over the front of your cotton or wool dress to enjoy Claire’s unique romantic style in Outlander.

elegant Indian outfit
Source: OnPointJSCollection (Etsy)

Pairing a black formal dress with a stunning matched velvet shawl elevates the luxurious feel with the most feminine elegance.

Shawl and white dress outfit
Source: ChintamaniAlchemi (Etsy)

A simple dress paired with a stunning shawl is the easiest way to make yourself stand out as a fashionista.

shawl, midi dress and boots outfit
Source: TOOSHAAYA (Etsy)

Urban chic is achieved perfectly with a clean style plaid knitted shawl paired with a dress and boots. Boom.

Elegant Shawl and dress
Source: OnPointJSCollection (Etsy)

Formal dresses need top-notch quality, and draping can be really simple, especially when we talk about a boat neck dress with fine detailing. From front to back, on one shoulder, or in the classic way laid from the back over your shoulders. When each garment you wear is so fine, simplicity is a winner.

boho Shawl and dress outfit
Source: ChintamaniAlchemi (Etsy)

Keep you stylish in your travels around the world in these special places where you need to stay modest and cover your shoulders. A simple bunched drape of a large shawl uplifts the feeling while keeping you chic.

shawl and dress wrap
Source: AYAsacredwear (Etsy)

When your dress has special details, a simple drape with just a little coverage will make them stand out, while you can still get warm.

Loose Shawl and dress outfit
Source: TOOSHAAYA (Etsy)

When you wish to add your total look extra length, wear a thin, very long shawl around your neck, and let it drape at the front at least on one side (the other can do the same at the back). This will provide an optic effect that will make you look taller.

cool Shawl and dress outfit
Source: ChintamaniAlchemi (Etsy)

Wearing a shawl over only one shoulder will keep you warm enough while not totally covering your beautiful dress. That’s a win-win styling.

elegant Indian outfit
Source: OnPointJSCollection (Etsy)

Pairing a black formal dress with a stunning matched velvet shawl elevates the luxurious feel with the most feminine elegance.

Let’s Wrap it up, Shall we?

One dress with the right styling can be suitable for a formal event or a beach party. It all depends on the details. Wearing the right shawl in the right way, can bring the right touch to the right moment and will make you get the most out of every beautiful dress you wear.

So go ahead, grab your favorite shawl and make that dress turn heads.
Happy styling!

How To Wear A Shawl With A Dress

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