How To Wear A Shawl With A Coat

How To Wear A Shawl With A Coat

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Shawls can add a fresh, winteristic chic to your everyday look, even with the same coat—all you need is the right styling. We’ve created an inspiration collection to offer you ideas on how to style your shawl with your coat for a stylish look and feel.

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beautiful shawl and coat outfit
Source: JFLOVEdesign (Etsy)

Thick, warm, and lightens any outfit with vivid shades!

women wearing shawl with coat and shades
Source: Scarves2012 (Etsy)

Every coat loves tartan shawls.

hippie shawl and coat outfit
Source: BlackPearlBanyanTree (Etsy)

Wrap your shawl as a loose hood for a romantic flattering hood to protect your hair and create a charming frame for your face.

couple winter outfits with shawl
Source: xiaolizi (Etsy)

For this polished look, fold your shawl to narrow it, tie it in the front of your neck, and tuck it into your coat.

plaid shawl and coat
Source: VVFP (Etsy)

Match your plaid shawl perfectly with your coat to have this wonderful, effortless urban chic.

how to style a shawl with a coat
Source: INTHEBAGDesign (Etsy)

Fold your huge square blanket shawl into two triangles and lay it on your coat. Oh yeh!

how to wear a shawl and coat inspiration
Source: Anysize (Etsy)

Make great color matches to freshen your coat every day!

plaid shawl and coat look
Source: INTHEBAGDesign (Etsy)

Match your shawl to your hair color to make a fashion statement.

women wearing pink shawl and coat
Source: AuroraGraceDesign (Etsy)

Bright color over black. Laid on both sides over your jacket, your shawl can frame your face with a flattering shade and lighten up the most simple black outfit.

how to wear blanket scarf with coat
Source: HandmadeByRasa (Etsy)

Snuggly warp will make your upper body warmer with winteristic noble chic.

plaid scarf winter outfit
Source: LlovepGifts (Etsy)

Wool with wool & Plaid with plain are staple winter pairs.

cool coat and shawl combo
Source: VVFP (Etsy)

Double wrap with a side tie makes a super cozy celebrity style chic. Hide behind your shawl.

shawl outfit inspiration
Source: KateIrishTweedStore (Etsy)

Classic Tompson tartan plaid shawl. A fashion staple. Lay it over your coat, and you’ll win this high-class chic.

Black leather coat and shawl outfit
Source: wearetbco (IG)

Black leather motorcycle jackets love shawls. It adds a soft feminine touch to your cool black outfit.

winter shawl outfit
Source: whiletheyplay (Etsy)

Knit patterns add a sophisticated, modern, soft style to any coat.

shawl inspiration
Source: INTHEBAGDesign (Etsy)

Pastel plaid Blanket shawl, styled with the triangle at front, with a trench coat, open or closed!

Checked blue & green wool shawl with open coat
Source: wearetbco (IG)

Make your shawl match what you wear under the coat. So when you open the coat, your look is polished.

blanket scarf and coat outfit
Source: HandmadeByRasa (Etsy)

Wear your shawl under the collar of your coat when open for straight forward business-style chic

pattern wool shawl in winter shades with coat
Source: wearetbco (IG)

Matching colors in different patterns makes a harmonious chicy outfit.

winter look, shawl and coat
Source: HandmadeByRasa (Etsy)

Laid over your shoulders in simple coziness. Classic.

shawl and coat
Source: selectscarf (Etsy)

Make a short, chunky triangle from your blanket scarf and get warm, full of style!

shawl and coat outfit
Source: Zojanka (Etsy)

Knitted shawls have a wonderful drape and are great for cozy street fashion chic. It pairs perfectly with the black leather coat.

colorful shawl styling
Source: hffx (Etsy)

Bunched knitted colorful shawl looped twice and tied on the side. An easy snoody warm style up.

indian shawl and coat
Source: MillieScarves (Etsy)

Batch your shawl and fold its longer side to two, wrap your neck, and insert the tails into the loop on top of your coat – Perfect warm urban style.

shawl and coat look
Source: StrawAndJoy (Etsy)

Animal patterns have eternal chic. They always bring the sparkle of a fashionista.

winter shawl and coat casual outfit
Source: selectscarf (Etsy)

Wear your blanket shawl to wrap your jacket from the back to front for fast chicy warming

oversized scarf winter outfit
Source: Scarves2012 (Etsy)

Blanket shawl tied with the triangle on the front of your coat – City super style.

chic shawl and coat combination
Source: hffx (Etsy)

Arrange your shawl as a chunky ring around your neck, and let one side drape at the front to make your style more majestic and classy.

blonde women wearing shawl outfit
Source: AuroraGraceDesign (Etsy)

One warp around your neck with tails draped at two sides is a simple way to style up.

hippie shawl styling
Source: BlackPearlBanyanTree (Etsy)

Roll your shawl diagonally and wrap it once around your neck to get a chunky neck warmer and layered drapes on two sides.

Now You Know How To Wear A Shawl With A Coat!

We hope the coat and shawl combinations here will inspire you to find your style this winter. If you enjoyed this one, you might also like to know how to wear a shawl with a dress.
The way we dress can change our whole day – Enjoy making it a good one!

How To Wear A Shawl With A Coat

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