Are Shawls in Style in 2024?

are shawls in style in 2023

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Absolutely, shawls are in style in 2024. From H&M to Gucci, fashion brands of all levels are incorporating shawls into their collections. Shawl trends feature streetwear, casual, luxury, and avant-garde.

The runways of 2024 took some interesting directions with shawls. Almost all trends look familiar but with an updated twist and a few surprising elements. We checked out the new collections and the trends caught by Vogue and Glamour, and we can say one thing: Shawls are definitely in style in 2024! 

High-end fashion brands like Gucci, Louis Vuitton, Donna Karen, Loro Piana (and many more) are incorporating shawls into their 2024 collections, and as with every fashion trend, it is followed by brands at all levels, from Ralph Lauren to Lands End, H&M, and so many more!

Read on to learn how to keep up the trendy style with shawls.

The Runway News for 2023/2024 – A Shawl Point of View

2023/2024 Runways introduce fascinating designs and new variations of shawls and similar cover-ups. Ponchos, shawls, and ruanas are too simple words to describe the garments that have been seen on the runways. Let’s take a glimpse. 

Michael Kors’s collection took the ruana to its finest version and made it part of a modern women’s almost formal suit, which looks amazingly elegant.
Kenzo with the plaid caped casual fringe poncho definitely brought a fresh breeze to the word ‘cool’.
Fendy’s zipped ruana and floor-length shawl surprised with a sophisticated feminine masculine edgy collection that shouts: Dare be yourself!
Etro took the plaid and striped shawls to compliment informal outfits with a striking colorful collection in their Milan 2023/2024 show.
Raf Simons created the new stunning multi-chic version of the Ruana cape with bold color, a cap, and hand holes.
And last but not least, Giorgio Armani took the classic zigzag shawl to an oversized fur collar masculin shawl, and… on this one, we have nothing to say except WOW! 

So as you can clearly see, shawls star in multiple surprising ways all across the fashion globe. We had to do something about it!

How Shawls Go with 2024 Trends

Trends start on the runway, drip to street fashion and to our everyday’s.
Let’s talk about the trends forecast for 2024 and check how shawls blend in.

The sheer show

Spring 2024 trends have brought sheer fabrics to the forefront, showcasing their versatility across a wide array of garments. One of the standout pieces this season is the sheer shawl, which effortlessly elevates even the most casual ensembles with minimal effort.

Sheer shawls have emerged as the ideal accessory for spring, pairing beautifully with laid-back outfits such as low-rise jeans and a simple top or draped over a basic dress.
This lightweight, chic addition provides the perfect touch of sophistication for any occasion throughout the upcoming season.

Embracing the sheer trend with a shawl aligns perfectly with the revival of boudoir-inspired detailing in eveningwear. This elegant combination of style and functionality ensures that the sheer shawl will be a staple in fashionable wardrobes for the coming future.

Sheer shawls are available in various elegant fabrics such as chiffon, georgette, and organza, each offering a unique texture and drape. Chiffon is a lightweight, flowy fabric, while georgette has a slightly more textured feel, and organza is known for its stiffness and structured silhouette, ensuring there’s a perfect sheer option for every style preference.

You can find these shawls made with silk, cotton, synthetic fibers, or mixes of some or all of the above (:

Blue Joy

The cobalt blue trend has been making waves across various fashion spheres, so why not make a statement with a striking cobalt blue shawl? Or combining a magnificent shawl with your cobalt blue dress? This vibrant hue adds a bold pop of color, instantly transforming any outfit with its dynamic and high-energy style.

Black is Always Back

While black may not be the most anticipated color for spring and summer, it remains a timeless fashion essential. This upcoming season, designers have reinvented black by incorporating see-through and textured elements, such as crochet and lace. This modern twist lends a romantic softness to the classic shade, which balances its inherent boldness beautifully.

Fringe, Fringe, and more Fringe!

My personal favorite, This spring is bringing fringes to ‘everywear’!
Fringes are taking center stage in the fashion world, and since they are so closely related to shawls, you can easily align yourself with the latest trend by simply blending a beautiful fringe shawl with your outfit.

The 2024 fringe trend is leaning towards a more exaggerated style, allowing for a variety of creative ways to wear your fringed shawl. For a bold look, bunch up your shawl at the front, creating a fringed collar that fully embraces the trend. If you prefer a more subtle approach, tie your shawl as a skirt, letting the fringes surround you and adding a touch of enchanting chic to any outfit. This season, don’t hesitate to pair your fringed shawl with other fringed pieces, as this season’s trend breaks every fringes rule or boundary (if there are any 😊).

Sunset charm

This season, the enchanting hues of sunset take center stage with the 2024 sunset ombre trend, capturing hearts and imaginations. 

Pair a sunset ombre shawl with your favorite denim or a deep orange maxi skirt to create a stunning look, and you’ll be ready to catch the eye of street fashion photographers and make a strong impression.

Sophisticated Pink

Pink shawls are still here, and personally, I love it!! For the coming spring trend, it comes in a pastel, candy-floss shade. It’s fresh, it’s soft, it’s springish, and it is a perfect color for any garment, for your whole outfit, or for just one accessory (did anybody say candy floss shawl? 😊).
It will brighten the most casual outfit with a spark of elegant sweetness.

Versatility is King

As a fashion designer, I’ve noticed that shawls have been styled and interpreted in numerous ways in recent years. In the upcoming winter of 2024, I predict that this trend will become even more prominent. From what I’ve seen and learned from following top fashion designers, I expect to see shawls worn as skirts, sweaters, capes, and who knows what else! I believe that shawls will showcase their incredible versatility and take center stage as a must-have accessory for this fall and winter season.

Spread your sparkle

According to what I’ve seen on the runways, this winter, the sparkling trend of lurex, sequins, and metallic fabrics and accessories will take the spotlight. 

Incorporate a beaded shawl into your wardrobe to add some sparkle. There’s no need to save it exclusively for special occasions. These flashing garments can now brighten up your daily outfits, effortlessly elevating both your look and your mood!

Shawls Are Still in Style in 2024, No Matter Where You’re From!

Shawls have always been a global garment, flattering women, men, and children of all colors, ages, and nations. Shawls have been around the block for ages, and they’re widespread worldwide in slightly different variations and names.
So whether you’re a woman or men, if you’re from North or South America, Asia, Europe, the Middle East, or wherever you’re from, shawls are still in style for you too!

If you’re curious about the versatility and appeal of shawls, learn more about them in our article on ‘What is a Shawl & What is so Special About it’ or check out our picks for the best women’s shawls in 2024.

Versatile Chic: Shawls Take Center Stage in 2023

In conclusion, as a fashion designer and a major Shawlover, I believe that shawls are not only still in style for 2023 but are also playing a significant role in the latest fashion trends. From sheer fabrics and bold cobalt blue hues to fringe detailing and the enchanting ombre of sunset shades, shawls have proven to be an essential and versatile accessory across various cultures and genders and are perfectly aligned with the latest fashion trends.

Whether you’re dressing up for a special occasion or simply elevating your everyday attire, shawls offer endless possibilities for showcasing your unique style. 

So go ahead, embrace the charm and versatility of shawls, and include shawls as an essential item in your 2023 wardrobe!

Bonus: Beautiful Ways to Style a Shawl

are shawls in style in 2023

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