How to use shawl in different ways?

How to use shawl in different ways

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One of the things we love so much about shawls is that they’re sooooo versatile!
So useful and joyful! Want to know how to use shawl in different ways? Here’s 11!

11 Shawl uses for you to try

We thought about 11 awesome shawl uses. Can you think of more? Let us know!

#1 – Use it as a blanket

Is there a better garment than a beautiful, stylish shawl that can always be your cozy backup blanket?! Whether you’re going on public transportation and can’t control the AC yourself or just live in a place where cold winds come to visit here and then, shawls can be extremely useful when you are cold and need some embracing warmth; and if you can heat yourself well and stay stylish, that’s as good as it gets!

travel blanket shawl

#2 – Use it as a hat

You heard it right! Shawls can be used as head covers, either to protect from the sun or from the cold. While traveling in Asia, It’s a very common sight to see both men and women wear shawls as a cover for their heads while at work out in the fields, on construction sites, and pretty much everywhere!

traditional head cover shawl

#3 – Use it as a light mat

You’re out there in nature, you didn’t plan ahead, and spontaneously you need some light mat to sit on? Guess who’s there for you?

Your shawl companion! Though this might not be the case with all the shawls (you may not want to use your luxurious pashmina shawl for this one), many simple types of shawls will fit perfectly for the job and provide you with a beautiful mat to lay on, have a picnic or just meditate. When you go back home, give it a wash, and it’s good as new!

shawl used as a light mat

#4 – Use it as a skirt

Another (very) common sight in Asia: men wearing a shawl as a skirt! When used as a skirt, this useful garment allows the wind to chill your legs when it’s hot (and you bet it’s hot in Asia!). It’s easy to wear and to take off. 

Indian men using shawl as a skirt

#5 Use – an oversized scarf

A shawl is basically an oversized scarf; therefore, one of the most common uses of a shawl is wearing it as an oversized scarf 😊 It’s cozy and looks stylish with almost anything!

shawl used as oversized scarf

#6 – Use it as a cover

Shawls provide excellent protection from dust, wind, cold, sun, unpleasant smells, smoke, and pretty much anything you can think of. Again, a really common sight in construction sites around Asia.

yellow head and dust cover shawl

#7 – Use it as a towel

Shawls can be great as towels when you’re stuck without one, but here too, it really depends on the type of shawl we’re talking about.
For example, a light and simple cotton shawl would be perfect for the job. Pure merino shawl or a luxurious pashmina shawl? Oh, no!

#8 – Use it for your home design

Not only a beautiful, multi-purpose garment! Shawls are also used in interior design!

A beautiful shawl can add style and warmth to almost every space! You can hang it on the wall, on the ceiling (which is a bit more tricky but certainly doable), or as a tablecloth, and depending on the shawl’s design, it can complement various design styles like boho, rustic, or eclectic to name a few.

shawl in interior design

#9 – Use it as a bag

It won’t be a bag to carry for trekking, but when you’re in need, it can be quite useful!

Simply lay your shawl on a table or on the ground (or on a table), put your belongings inside, tie all the corners together, and there you go! (more of a laundry bag, but still a bag!).

#10 – Use it as a poncho

Want to use your shawl as a poncho but keep the option to use it as a regular shawl? No issues.

You’re just gonna need 2-3 safety pins (and if you’re not too skilled with safety pins and cloth, perhaps also a friend).

Here’s how it goes:

Hold two neighboring corners of the shawl with the shawl behind your back.

Now, bring one hand forward and then the other hand above it. This will create the wrap look.

Now use the safety pins to hold it together nicely! 

You got yourself a temporary, beautiful poncho!

***Don’t overlook the power of safety pins. When I began designing clothes, before I even had a sewing machine, I used to buy pieces of cloth, put them together using only safety pins, and wear them to work every day. I used to get plenty of compliments for these dresses, and many people asked me where I bought them! Hahaha 😊

two men wearing poncho shawl

#11 – Use it as a shawl!

Finally, and probably the best of them all, just use your shawl as a shawl!

Shawls are beautiful, flattering, mysterious, and majestic. They go well with so many styles for men, women, and children! And as you can see, they’re about as versatile as can be.

If you like to know more about shawls and why they’re so unique, please visit our blog; we publish excellent content and try to cover every aspect of this unique garment!

stylish men wearing shawl

Shawl – the most versatile of all accessories

Shawls can be used in so many ways! They’re flattering for women, stylish for men, loved by children, and complement everyone.

You can use the shawl as a travel blanket, a meditation companion, and even an accessory for a wedding!

They protect you from the sun, the cold, and the wind and make you look beautiful while they do it.

If you love shawls, you can find tons of exciting articles about shawls on our blog, or check out these articles:

Thank you for reading, we hope you enjoyed it!

How to use shawl in different ways

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