What is a Meditation Shawl & How to find the right one

what-is-a-meditation-shawl and how to find the right one

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A meditation shawl is a big-sized shawl that you can completely cover yourself with (and sometimes) even have some fabric left to sit on while meditating. 

Sitting meditation is a great present we can give ourselves. We take the time to relax, calm the mind, follow our breath, and get to know what’s going on in our minds. 

In this article, we’ll explore the different types of meditation shawls & their benefits, and provide some great tips on choosing your meditation shawl. Read on!


The Benefits of a Meditation Shawl

Using a meditation shawl while meditating has many benefits. Let’s get to know them:


Being wrapped in a huge shawl while meditating provides a relaxing feeling that helps focus inside and get into the mood of meditation and concentration.


Sitting meditation is not always easy, and when you are comfortable, it helps. Wearing a meditation shawl while meditating can help you feel more warm & cozy. 


The hugging cover of the shawl gives a safe, warm feeling as if you are separating yourself from the surrounding, offering extra support for calming down and turning the attention inwards. 

A meditation mat

Since it is an oversized shawl, when you wish to meditate while waiting in places like airports or when sitting out in nature, a meditation shawl can give you a light surface to sit on and meditate.


Time out

When meditating with a shawl in an area where there are people around, wrapping yourself with the shawl and sitting gives you the legitimacy to take some time alone. It is like a visual declaration that you are not available for now.

Shelter in nature

Nothing is more calming than sitting and meditating with the natural beauty around you, with the sound of birds, wind, flowing water, or the breath of the sea. When you meditate in nature, the shawl will protect you from bugs, flies, and mosquitoes and provide you with a safe feeling that will help you relax.

women meditate with poncho shawl

Versatile Travel Shawl

As a long-time traveler, I learned that meditation shawls are the best travel companion. Their versatile nature can help you in so many ways beyond meditation, here are a few:

  1. It can be a blanket for long journeys on airconditioned buses or planes
  2. It can be a warm wrap for chilly evenings
  3. It can be a blanket to sit on in nature
  4. It can even be a towel when getting out from a swim! (depends on the type of shawl 😊)
  5. It can be an excellent pillow for your head
  6. It can provide you with some private space simply by hanging it
  7. It can be a bed cover 
  8. Or a throw to decorate any ugly airbnb couch 😂!
travel shawl

Size of Meditation Shawl

The size of a meditation shawl is significant for ensuring a comfortable and enjoyable meditation experience. Meditation shawls should be large enough to completely cover the body, providing warmth and a sense of security that can support you in your practice.

Different brands make different sizes, but we suggest it be at least 90 inches long and 42 inches wide (229cm long and 107cm wide).


Tips for Buying a Mediation Shawl

When choosing your meditation shawl, it is better to do some tests before purchasing. You hope this piece of fabric will go along with you for a long time!

When buying from a physical shop

One of the essential things to check is the feeling of the fabric on your skin. Wrap yourself, stay with it for a short while, let it touch the delicate skin of your neck, face, even your lips (cause lips have an extra sensitivity for textures and unpleasant touch can be felt easier on them), feel if the fabric has the right warmth for your needs and not less important, make sure you really love the design. 

When buying from an online shop

If you plan on buying the shawl online, make sure you trust the brand for quality; if not, it is always great to check the reviews or ask the seller about it.

Types of meditation shawls

Here are some of the meditation shawls you can find:

Cotton Meditation Shawl

Cotton meditation shawls provide a natural, breathable option for meditators. The softness and lightweight nature of cotton and the fact that it regulates body temperature effectively, make it an ideal choice for supporting a comfortable meditation experience. Cotton is easy to wash, and that makes it perfect for traveling and using it as a mat or a towel.

Wool Meditation Shawl

Wool meditation shawls are cozy and warm, and the insulating properties of wool make it an excellent choice for those who live in colder weather.
The wool texture offers a sense of security and comfort while meditating, but with wool, you have to be extra cautious about its feel on the skin cause some wool types itch, and for meditation shawls, this can be really bothering.

Silk Meditation Shawl

Silk meditation shawls provide a more elegant and luxurious garment. The smooth, soft texture of high-quality silk is gentle on the skin, offering a soothing touch that helps calm the mind and body.

If you’re vegan, you can look for Ahimsa-silk meditation shawls which are made cruelty-free, but they’re a bit more rare.

Meditation shawls designs  

Plain Meditation Shawl

A plain meditation shawl provides simplicity and elegance without sacrificing comfort. It can be from any fabric and can be used in multiple ways.

plain meditation-shawl-for-women

Authentic Meditation Shawl

Authentic meditation shawls are beautiful garments that are usually crafted from traditional materials, techniques, textures, or patterns and mainly originate from the rich history of the east. They can be easily found online or in various parts of Asia (From my own experience, North India and Nepal have a lot to offer, and I’m sure South America is a great source too). They’re available in different qualities, and you can easily find one that suits your budget and preferences. 


Everything that can support your meditation practice is of great value. Meditation practitioners, whether well-experienced or those making their first steps in the practice of calming down, love meditating with meditation shawls.

So, we suggest you to choose your meditation shawl well, so it may be a valuable partner for you.

May you enjoy your practice!

Indian men meditating with a orange shawl
what-is-a-meditation-shawl and how to find the right one

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