Shrug Shawl: The Ultimate Cover-up For EVERY Style


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What is a Shrug Shawl

Shrug shawls are short and open cover-ups. They’re versatile pieces of clothing often used as an accessory or light layering option. It’s essentially a type of wrap that can be worn around the shoulders, upper body, or arms. There are indeed different types of shrug shawls, and their definitions can overlap. 

Here are a few BEAUTIFUL variations and their differences:

3 Types of Shrug Shawls You Need to Know

Sleeve Shrug

These shrugs are everywhere now. It’s a stylish & unique cover that adds flair without hiding your outfit. Chic and different.


Probably the most iconic and popular type of shrug shawl. Half-length shrugs are a light blend of style and comfort. These gentle items cover you right under your bust, adding a layer of chicness to your attire while letting your outfit shine. They create a unique silhouette that flatters (when styled right, of course).


Very similar to half-length, but not quite the same. Waist-length shrugs flow a bit lower than the classic version. I think this version is more casual since it resembles a light cardigan, but that, of course, also depends on the fabric, the texture, and the color.

Are Shrugs in style in 2023?


If you go through Vogue’s Spring 2023 trends, you’ll immediately notice Marine Serre, Gucci, and Ganni shrug shawls. And just like every fashion trend, it starts with the runways and makes its way to the street and everyday fashion. And while the half-length and waist-length shrugs are timeless classics, the sleeves shrug is exploding now.

What style is a shrug shawl?

It’s hard to say & It’s up to you: As mentioned earlier, there are different types of shrug shawls, and in each of them, there are many different kinds! Therefore, shrug shawls can be taken in many different styles. The common ones are:

Elegant, modest OR sexy, bridal, unique, and much more!

Wedding Shrugs

In the world of bridal fashion, wedding shrugs are a glorious statement of style and comfort. They lend a cozy warmth, a hint of personality, and a dash of elegance to any wedding attire.
And the best part? They’re SUPER handy & comfy without compromising beauty and chic – indeed, a bride’s best friend.

So, Whether you’re after sparkle, boho vibes, or classy, we’ve got you covered. Let’s explore the magic these beauties can weave.

Faux fur wedding shrug shawls

I LOVE those! Faux fur shrug shawls are bridal accessories that are super cozy, warm, and CHIC! As the name suggests, they’re made from synthetic materials. I believe that they add a luxurious touch to a winter wedding dress with minimum effort. I thought of making faux fur shrugs that would match my wedding dress’s design back in 2020, but I couldn’t find the right fabric for the job.

Sequins wedding shrug shawls

Oh, brides love this one! Sequin shrugs add that perfect majestic sparkle to the bridal look. Lurex, sequins, and metallic fabrics are VERY trendy right now, and the right one can turn every bride into the dazzling star of her special day.

Lace wedding shrugs

Boho magic in every stitch! Lace wedding shrug shawls are delicate, dreamy accessories. Weaving a romantic free-spirit grace around any bridal gown.
In my taste, lace is one of the most amazing fabrics for bridals, I used to have about 20+ different lace fabrics in different colors and designs in my bridal collection.

Knitted wedding shrugs

Knitted wedding shrug shawls are like a comforting hug on your big day. Imagine soft yarn and delicate patterns, adding a cozy touch to your wedding dress. Ideal for breezy celebrations under the open sky. Pure charm, pure warmth.

Sheer wedding shrugs

Picture this: a light, almost invisible caress over your wedding gown. A hint of mystery, a splash of elegance. Sheer wedding shrug shawls are Ideal when you want that ‘less is more’ vibe. Graceful, simple, and subtly stunning.

Leather wedding shrug shawls

Think bold, think edgy, think different. A dash of rebellion draped over your bridal gown. It’s not just warmth, it’s attitude! Perfect for those daring to be different on their big day. Sleek, stylish, and fiercely modern.

Bridesmaid shrugs

The power of unity is brought to life in a simple accessory. Bridesmaid shrug shawls are all about feeling cozy, looking fabulous, and celebrating together. Matching bridesmaid shawls are a beautiful and easy way to bring the bridal squad together and create a stunning visual image. Since they’re SO popular, you’ll be able to find yours on any budget, and even personalized if you want.

Shrug Shawl Benefits

Easy to carry warmish layer

One of the standout benefits of a shrug shawl is its portability. It’s a lightweight, fits in every bag, easy-to-carry layer that provides just the right amount of warmth when you need it. Perfect for those chillier moments or breezy outdoor ceremonies, it’s your on-the-go comfort, wrapped in style.

Uniq & Chic (if you style it right!)

Shrug shawls can be more than just an accessory! Their distinct design and strong feminine identity sets them apart from the crowd. And with the right combination, they can be extremely unique and chic! 


As a woman traveling in Asia for a couple of years now, I find this one to be one of the major benefits of shrugs. Every time I need to go to a government office, usually it is required to cover your shoulders, and shrugs are the perfect solution for that since, as I mentioned, they are light to carry and fits in every bag!

Emphasizing Sexy

On the flip side! Shrug shawls are now VERY trending as a sexy accessory. They’ve taken a bold turn, becoming a BOLD accessory to emphasize the feminine silhouette. 

What to consider before buying a shrug wrap?

  1. Material – Especially if you have sensitive skin! Shrugs cover sensitive areas, so make sure you’re not buying one that you wouldn’t like to wear. Be extra cautious when buying wool shrugs, since real wool can be itchy sometimes.
  2. Fit – Shrugs have great potential to complement your body shape, but you gotta make sure you’re choosing (and styling) the right one for you.
  3. Style – As mentioned, shrug shawls can be taken to MANY different styles. So consider what are you planning to wear it with, and how.
  4. Color –  Since the shrug is an accessory, keeping it clean with basic colors has its benefits, but you can also add a striking effect to your outfit if you choose a unique color for it (maybe yellow?)

What is the difference between a shawl and a shrug?

Shawls don’t have sleeves! A shawl is like a cozy & stylish blanket, versatile and adjustable. A shrug, on the other hand, is (a bit) more fitted. Both are charming, but with their unique flair!

Learn more about what is a shawl & why we love it!

What’s the difference between a cardigan and a shrug?

Cardigans are longer than shrugs! There are a lot of types and designs in cardigans, but I would say that is the main difference that is true to all.

What is the difference between a bolero and a shrug?

Shrugs are often less structured, and sometimes shorter.  You can Imagine a shrug and a bolero as very close siblings in the family of fashion. The shrug is a tad shorter, and often feature a more simple style. While the bolero, prefers a bit of drama! 

Its flair for sophistication is often highlighted with artistic designs, elegant collars, and occasional twinkles of buttons or beads, perfect for those grand entrances.
Due to their similarity and the lack of an absolute definition, you’ll very often find a bolero called a shrug, and a shrug called a bolero.

A Couple More Gorgeous Shrug Shawls For Every Budget!

Couldn’t find what you’re looking for? Make your own!

How to Crochet a Shrug

 How to Knit a Shrug

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