Do Men Wear Ponchos in 2023? Mastering the Trend for a Timeless Chic

Do Men Wear Ponchos

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Some may love it, some may hate it, but you can’t ignore the fact that the men’s poncho shawl has become a popular fashion trend across the world. As a (very) unique garment that can adapt to various looks and occasions, it’s no wonder that the poncho has become a go-to piece for many. However, before you just throw a poncho above your outfit, it’s important to note that a wrongly picked or styled poncho, may style you down with a very unflattering look.

As a fashion designer and a shawlover, I thought it will be fashionably right to walk you through the art of incorporating the poncho into your wardrobe, offering tips on choosing the perfect style and sharing advice on how to wear it to achieve a b-e-a-u-t-i-f-u-l sophisticated look.

How to wear a poncho shawl for men?

Ponchos flatter so many styles; ask Clint Eastwood! 😊
The poncho can fit beautifully in your weekend’s relaxation, travels, or Paris Fashion Week! 😊
Of course, you’ll have to think about what style you are up to, and how much attention you wish to get when thinking of your whole outfit.

We could have said that it is mostly used effortlessly, in a casual, nonchalant way, but actually, ponchos are much more powerful in making a fashionable statement! Check out this guy:

The ‘right’ way to wear a poncho is multi-styled, so we thought it would be good to come up with more precise info! 

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With Men’s poncho shawls, The style is the limit

When a man wears a beautiful poncho, his appearance gets a touch of nobleness, the knight’s and prince’s style and look. So It is no wonder that poncho shawls became a special fashionable garment for men. It is warm, made with beautifully designed textures and fabrics, and gives so much style and uniqueness. 

Depending on the poncho you choose and the overall fashionable attitude, wearing a poncho can sometimes give a man a sophisticated charismatic look and can even take it to an amazing, fashionable manifestation. 

You can say it is possible to use a poncho most casually and just be cool, fashionable, and stay warm, but you can also use it to drive some attention.

What to Wear With a Poncho Shawl

The answer to this question will depend on how far would you like to go with being fashionable. Here are some great options, from casual to the most luxurious look: 

  • Wearing the right poncho shawl over jeans and a T-shirt can create a casual, stylish look that is easy to achieve and looks effortless. In this case, the ‘right shawl’ can vary from plain color to an updated interpretation of a traditional patterned poncho. 
  • Wool Poncho shawls with traditional patterns are one of the garments that travelers love the most; it is comfortable, warm, and it comes in so many authentic designs that easily make you feel local. So wearing it with a relaxed outfit will give you the free spirit look. The same goes with hikers whose smart outfits will get an extra touch of locality on the mountain and then back home. Together with the hiker’s outfit, the poncho gives a beautiful, stylish look.
  • One of the most beautiful ways to wear a poncho is to match it with a formal suit; of course, the poncho should not be less stylish than the suit. This look can bring a powerful chic to the classic outfit.

As you understand, ponchos are like a chameleon; they have multiple styles and can stand out (pretty much) everywhere. You just have to choose the right one for the look you want to achieve.

Unlimited Styles of Ponchos for Men

How to choose the right poncho, and how to wear it?
Here are some ideas and tips:

Fashion Icon

With a totally fashionable updated look, even if very simple and casual, the right poncho can give you the exact amount of style to justify your being a fashion icon. Celebs are natural in that, and you will find many celebs’ pictures wearing simple to high-end ponchos in quite a natural way. You can get a lot of inspiration from these pictures.

Here are some of the male musicians and actors that rocked their outfits with ponchos, I wouldn’t say they all chose the right one in terms of style, material, and fit (which are the keys for choosing your poncho), but when you’re a star you are easily forgiven 🙂

  • Clint Eastwood (of course!)
  • Eric Clapton
  • Neil Young
  • Jimi Hendrix
  • Ringo Starr
  • Jeff Bridges
  • Lenny Kravitz
  • Michael J. Fox (as Marty McFly in ‘Back to the future’)
  • Nick Drake
  • Stephen Stills
  • Sting
  • Macklemore

Source: Vogue

Image = a thousand words!

Festival Nomad Style

Celtic patterns, gypsy style, Peruvian, Mexican, Western, Indian, and authentic Nepali patterns, sometimes with fringes, all these wooly ponchos have the magic taste of being a nomad, a traveler, a free spirit who celebrates the wonders of life. 

Wearing these ponchos with a casual outfit, such as jeans, khakis, Aladdin-style slouchy pants, or even backpacking clothes, can give you a sense of freedom and a worldly style.


Accessories will take you up to street style

The fabrics and designs are endless. Classic style ponchos with plaid or striped wool fabrics with the right accessories like a chic hat, striking boots, or a bold bracelet, will take the most casual look to a look people won’t easily forget. It has so much potential!


The Nonchalant Cowboy Style

Used jeans, boots, and a western-style poncho will give you ‘Clint Eastwood’s’ amazing style. In the movie, ‘The good, the bad & the ugly’, Eastwood is wearing a brown poncho with a white western pattern over his ranch look outfit. So cool

This look is achieved with an authentic poncho in basic colors, and wearing it with a leather hat will make it whole. You’ll enjoy the Eastwood nonchalant stylish touch by taking the front of the poncho and throwing it over your shoulders. It is good when the weather is not too cold because it will take some of the warmth you’ve enjoyed before, but the style is absolutely stunning.


Here are some more tips for making the western style work >>

How to wear a poncho wrap shawl (Ruana)

A poncho wrap shawl (Ruana) is a garment that is similar to a poncho but open in the front, and therefore, allows more versatility. It can be worn as an open cardigan or as a wrap over the shoulders. Some are available with pockets too.

To make yourself warmer, you just throw one of the front wings on the other shoulder to wrap yourself, make sure the wing is sitting comfortably and holds itself in place, and you’re done.

Wearing the Ruana wrap open, just as is, is a beautifully stylish way to wear it; it is elegant in the more conventional way but in no way conventional at all. 

Again, depending on the poncho shawl, it can give a classic look with a beautiful, unique touch!

An Important Word of Caution About Men’s Ponchos

While poncho shawls can have numerous potential benefits for men’s fashion style, it is absolutely vital to remember that selecting the appropriate poncho in terms of style, material, and fit is crucial to achieving the desired chic. A poorly chosen poncho or one that just doesn’t fit well, can easily go from super-fashionable to amusing! 

To ensure a stylish and flattering look, aim for a poncho that complements your body type, suits your personal style, and works well with your existing wardrobe. By paying extra attention to these details, you can confidently rock your outfit with a gorgeous poncho shawl without committing a fashion faux pas.

Final words

The sky is the limit with men’s ponchos, but you gotta choose the right one to fit your style; otherwise, it can look sketchy. ponchos are to be found in so many qualities, colors, fabrics, variations, and styles. If you play it right, they can have a very powerful touch of chic, and you can totally rock your look with the right poncho! 

hiker with poncho shawl
Do Men Wear Ponchos

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