38+ Winter Shawl Outfits

Winter shawl outfits

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Shawls are the perfect winter garments! They add elegance and warmth to any outfit. Explore these stylish winter shawl outfits and stay cozy all season long!

Stunning Winter Shawl Outfits to Try!

Fringe Shawl Chunky Merino Wool
Source: loopymango (Etsy)

Wearing a loop-tie with a thick, warm shawl over your fitted coat offers fantastic cold-weather protection with a chic touch. Pairing winter’s basic colors with prints such as paisley, animal, or ethnic patterns creates a perfectly stylish winter look.

Vintage Floral Shawl Wrap
Source: MillieScarves (Etsy)

A chunky and large fringe shawl can keep you cozy even when worn over formal clothes. Playing with contrasting solid colors will add sophistication to your wintery elegance.

Merino Lambswool Shawl Blanket
Source: alsAustralia (Etsy)

Draping a generous-sized plaid shawl or scarf over your winter coat will add effortless chic to your casual winter outfits. Top it off with a beautiful hat to make your look unique and ultra-stylish.

Merino Wool Pashmina Shawl
Source: Feebra (Etsy)

A nonchalant drape of a pashmina over an urban outfit will keep your look clean and provide the perfect warmth. Solid-colored pashminas can also add a complementary shade and make your outfit more interesting and cozy. It’s a great way to stay warm and chic with your office outfit.

Black with black with black. Different textures of black can make even a laid-back outfit look gorgeous. Draping a chunky knitted shawl is the easiest way to upstyle.

Pashmina Gray Head Scarf
Source: TOOSHAAYA (Etsy)

Delicate knits are ideal for adding a subtle, futuristic touch to your attire. Whether wrapped loosely around your neck, draped elegantly, with or without any tails, all styles work well. Each way ensures coziness and adds a stylish flair to your look.

A blanket scarf can bring magic to your wardrobe with its versatility. Wear it as a short or long skirt, or make it a belted top, the options are endless. The simplest basic garments wake up in the most stylish way with it. Awesome.

Paisley Floral Pashmina Shawl 1
Source: MillieScarves (Etsy)

Black is a fantastic base for playing with style and colors. It enables you to pair shawls of any color and texture, each time creating a completely different look. Enjoy experimenting with colorful, warm shawls for effortless styling.

Large Mustard Linen Scarf
Source: KnittedLines (Etsy)

Our winter wardrobe is often abundant in greys and blacks, but bold-colored shawls can breathe life into your casuals. Shades like mustard, dark red, dark green, and purple are great upstylers for any outfit.

White is especially striking in winter! Pairing it with a rough-knitted textured shawl in any color, will make your chic stand out even more.

Brown Long Wool Coat
Source: xiaolizi (Etsy)

Camel and browns are fantastic choices for winter, they offer eternal classic elegance. Whether used in one accessory or as the dominant color of your entire outfit, they work wonderfully. A warm camel shawl, in particular, is a staple that instantly adds this charming elegance to your style.

Retro Collar Linen Cotton Coat
Source: Anysize (Etsy)

Draping a white shawl over your winter coat creates a gorgeous look. It will illuminate your face with a bright, flattering light. A perfect way to inject some glamour into your day.

An all-white winter outfit is a winner, no one can argue with that. To make it simple, take your casual style, wear it in white, add a white shawl and a warm white hat, and you’re done. A look that is well worth a picture.

Hand Knitted Linen Shawl
Source: KnittedLines (Etsy)

A laid-back style is effortlessly achieved when you’re wrapped in a knit shawl. It provides the softest touch and so much comfort. This shawl is knitted with delicate linen and looks gorgeous.

Minimalist Fluffy Scarf
Source: TWILLAknitwear (Etsy)

The generous size of this shawl creates a wonderful stylish wrap. With this knitted soft alpaca wool shawl, you are sure to stay warm and cozy and enjoy its unique elegance.

Crochet Hooded Triangle Shawl
Source: FrankieKate (Etsy)

Pairing denim and crochet always brings a stunning boho-style look. Upstyle your casuals easily with a unique crochet shawl.

Oversized scarves and shawls are not just cozy but also make an attractive fashion statement. Wrapping yourself in a huge knitted shawl is an effortless way to stay warm and stylish during winter.

Wild Heather Tartan Shawl
Source: AtelierEscapadesUK (Etsy)

Who said winter outfits must stick to black or grey? Allow yourself to discover the ease of crafting a classic look with alternative dark shades. Look how classy this dark blue plaid shawl pairs with grey wool pants — a truly fantastic winter chic.

Triangle Brown Outlander Shawl
Source: ShawlForYou (Etsy)

If you like romantic historical style, the Outlander shawl is just perfect for you. It has a unique, eye-catching comfortable design. Drape it over a classic sweater and jeans for a casual chicy look, or pair it with a formal dress for added warmth and uniqueness. This shawl is versatile enough to be the centerpiece of your outfit or your stylish piece for winter.

Gray Wool Scarf
Source: Zojanka (Etsy)

Soft-knitted shawls create a natural chic. They have such a beautiful drape and make any outfit more snuggly without losing a drop of style. Cover yourself with this soft elegance and enjoy the cozy warmth.

Soft shawls are incredibly versatile. Wrapping them around your head and shoulders is one of the amazing styles they offer. This look is soft, feminine, and romantic, while also providing excellent protection for your head, neck, and shoulders.

Tartan Plaid Blanket Scarf
Source: selectscarf (Etsy)

You don’t have to be a celebrity to use this wonderful winterish cover, which provides cozy protection from the elements and is fully stylish. And yes, the shades upgrades your cool factor.

Handmade Head Knit Shawl
Source: TOOSHAAYA (Etsy)

A great way to achieve a unique, sophisticated, and head-warming look is by wrapping your shawl around your head like a turban. This style particularly complements your hair and face, and when you no longer need it, it will still be a beautiful addition to your overall outfit.

Warm Black Scarf Shawl
Source: TOOSHAAYA (Etsy)

Black knitted shawls are the perfect accessory for winter. They add softness, coziness, and texture, and they pair wonderfully with everything.

Knitted Shawl Pattern
Source: Melsknitwear (Etsy)

Pairing your jeans jacket with a large triangle cable-patterned shawl adds a beautiful and unique chic statement to your casual outfit.

Tartan Outlandish Cowl Wrap Scarf 1
Source: LoullyMakes (Etsy)

The trend of plaid shawls and blanket scarves has been around since ancient times, but now it has become a fashion staple. Use your plaids in various ways to achieve a modern winter look; styling it as a hood around your face is one beautiful option.

Mohair Square Blanket Scarf
Source: newventurestore (Etsy)

Mustard, camel, sage, black, and denim blue – these deep, rich colors can make your winter outfits look even better. Shawls and blanket scarves are perfect for adding these wintery color touches.

Green Tartan Outlandish Shawl
Source: LoullyMakes (Etsy)

Belt tie your Tartan shawl over everything to achieve a wonderful trendy warm chic.

Unique ways to tie your shawl is a great way to refresh your winter wardrobe and look amazing. Try these ties, and show the world.

Blue Knit Silk Shawl
Source: TOOSHAAYA (Etsy)

Light colors for winter outfits are super chic. Adding a colored shawl makes the whole look uplifting and will make your unique style stand out.

Camel shades bring simple elegance to the most casual outfit, and they make a wonderful winter look. Collect camel garments and accessories and enjoy pairing them in different ways.

Green Handwoven Wool Shawl

Some specific ways of draping a shawl can make the most flattering and romantic look. Lay it over your dress to emphasize your shoulders and create a beautiful frame to your face. Just perfect.

Hunting Tartan Outlandish Shawl 1
Source: LoullyMakes (Etsy)

A simple beautiful cover-up is easily achieved with belt tying a tartan shawl over your outfit. It can make your casual outfit look totally different.

Red Tartan Outlandish Shawl
Source: LoullyMakes (Etsy)

Red makes a bold statement, and this winter’s forecast indicates it’s taking over. A Tartan shawl like this one can be a great addition to your winter wardrobe, with its trendy red plaid pattern.

Learn more about the versatile manner of shawls and add an effortless elegance shine to your winter.

Black Handwoven Wool Shawl

Casual can be elegant even with the most simple outfit. It’s about the way you wear it. Wrap yourself with a unique warm shawl with beautiful accessories like a brooch and matching neckless, and enjoy your warm chic everywhere you go.

Strong fall shades are awesome for winter. Choose your shawl large and thick and you’ll stay warm even with tared jeans. This lady chose it simple and achieved a very chic and very cool look.

Scottish Pure Wool Shawl
Source: LoullyMakes (Etsy)

Tartan shawls can pair well with your formal dress, bringing a trendy touch to the gentle chic of your elegance, and will keep you warm in chilly evenings.

Winter shawl outfits

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